In 2019, the National Rural Crime Network published the report entitled 'Captive and Controlled'.

We know that rural areas often have less amenities than more urban areas and travel links by bus and rail are usually more sporadic.  Even broadband access is less available in rural areas.  

But there is also a hidden side of rural life that many of us don't see.  Most people see the beautiful landscapes, the idyllic rural scenes, but what they don't see is the hidden side of rural life.

The in depth testimonies of 67 victims from seven different areas of England (including Derbyshire) has given us a better insight into what is actually happening in our rural areas.

Some of the key findings which came out of this report are:-

  • Rural victims are half as likely to report their abuse to others
  • Rural victims’ abuse goes on significantly longer
  • Rural victims cannot readily access support services
  • Rural victims live in a society that sometimes protects the perpetrators
  • Rural victims are isolated, unsupported and unprotected in a rural hell, which is purposefully ‘normalised’

Here at The Willow Project, we aim to raise awareness of the different challenges faced by victims of domestic abuse who live in rural areas.

We do this by delivering training and talks to community groups and professionals.

We are also developing a team of 'Champions' who will work within their local community to challenge attitudes which perpetuate domestic abuse.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a champion or find out about our training, please follow the link below

The Willow Project