Some people just don't 'do' Digital 

Do these sound familiar?  

“ I don’t do the internet”  “it’s too late to change my ways   “I don’t bother with all of that nonsense"

As the past 6 months have shown us, we are relying ever more on remote services, from Zoom to grocery orders, banking to Facetime chats with relatives. This is a trend that is accelerating, hastened by the pandemic but already pushed by the government’s ‘digital by default’ strategy   

Almost all aspects of community life now involve some kind of internet or smart phone exchange, and this is leaving behind those people without access to the technology, whether through choice or not  

It would be lovely to allow everyone a chance to pay their bills or claim their allowance in person but that is not where we are heading, the pernicious but incredibly useful set of internet tools has already taken over much of our bureaucraciesretail and leisure sectors, as well as our private communications.  

I know how hard it can be to persuade internet phobic or “just don’t care" people to engage in a smart phone or tablet or PC, but we are going to have to try, because for some people there is no alternative and for everyone there are clear benefits.  

So if you know someone who is actively avoiding or ignorant of digital services, have a chat with them and see if they might be willing to take the first steps into the digital world.

We can help them get online and stay safe online with access to our Cyber Buddies, a network of Digital Champions through Derbyshire. Contact Joe Dugdale at [email protected].