Digital Support Derbyshire and Citizens Online co-hosted a Digital Inclusion Network Meeting on Tuesday 6th December.

Further to this event, the following information is now available...

Hold the Date

The next online network meeting will be hld on Thursday March 2nd 10am -12 noon.

Full details and a Zoom Link will be made available in due course.

Slides from the Network Meeting

To view the presentations from the event, please click on the link below.


Contact Details of the Panellists

Contact Helen Melhuish at PCRefurb [email protected]

Contact Davina Lucas at Digital Connnect  [email protected]

Contact Nicola Fisher from Connex (Tea, Talk and Tech in Ashbourne) [email protected]

Contact Carl from Hope Long Eaton [email protected]

Digital Support in Derbyshire Signpost Map

Digital Support In Derbyshire Signpost Map

When complete, this signposting map will include details of digital inclusion support, activities and places with free online access across Derbyshire. The intention is for the map to be hosted on the Digital Support Derbyshire webpage (Part of the Rural Action Derbyshire website) for use by residents, friends and family, and professionals as a signposting tool

The map is still being constructed and we don’t have all digital inclusion offers and activity included on it yet. We have also provided a link to an excel sheet (below) which lists other organisations we are aware off but for which we are still missing some information. So, if you can’t find your organisation on the map, take a look at the excel sheet. Please check your organisation’s information, and if there are any mistakes (or if we’ve not got any information about your project at all) please let us know by emailing Jo Peck at Rural Action Derbyshire [email protected] 

Excel Sheet

The map has categorised digital inclusion support into three different categories, each having a separate icon

  • Libraries
  • Support available to the general public
  • Support available for specific groups or clients only

You can click on an icon on the map to find out information about a digital inclusion project or offer, including the type of support provided and contact information (website, phone and/or email).

This information can also be viewed in list form to the left hand side of the map, using the drop down menu.

Digital Inclusion District Profiles

The Derbyshire District profiles about the digital exclusion risk in each area have been compiled by Citizens Online in October 2022. Derbyshire County Council commissioned Citizens Online to undertake comprehensive, evidence-based research and stakeholder
engagement to understand the digital inclusion needs across Derbyshire (excluding Derby City). This information will be used to develop a digital inclusion strategy and action plan for Derbyshire. 

Digital Inclusion District Profiles

Digital Champion Resources

Digital Support Derbyshire have curated and collated a variety of resources to support your project and champions, including resources provided by Citizens Online and the Good Things Foundation. To find out more, click on the link below.

Digital Champion Resources

Where to Source Affordable Digital Devices

Following the conversation at the meeting around accessing affordable digital devices, please follow the link below to access information about sourcing tech for your project or individuals you support. If you know of any other suppliers or recyling projects, please let Jo know. [email protected]

Affordable Devices

The Digital Poverty Alliance

The DPA was established in 2021 by the Learning Foundation, Currys plc and the Institute of Engineering and Technology. Their main focus is policy and advocacy, gathering digital exclusion evidence and bringing the community together to create the social change needed to end digital poverty by 2030. Why not join the DPA Hub and the digital inclusion conversation...

Visit the DPA website

The Digital Support Derbyshire Network

Visit our Facebook Page and join our private Facebook Group.

If you have any resources or information to add to these network pages, please contact Jo at [email protected]

Similarly, if you would like to suggest alternative ways (to Facebook) for members to keep in touch in between network meetings please do so.