Meet the Derbyshire's

Our fictional family, the Derbyshire’s live in Doveholes. They are a close knit family, with farming roots and work hard to do the best for each other.

Farming Support and Oil Buying

The family is headed up by Don a retired farmer who is still coming to terms with the loss of his wife two years ago and who is visited regularly by the Agricultural Chaplain. Don’s bungalow is off the gas grid and he relies on kerosene to heat his home, the cost of which was taking up an increasing proportion of his retirement income. Don joined the RAD Oil buying scheme and saved £200 last year. Now he tells everyone about the scheme.

Village Halls and Community Buildings Advice

His son Derek has taken over the farm and is also the chair of his village Hall committee. Derek recently discovered that the hall was in breach of licensing laws and was in danger of being prevented from holding wedding receptions, which is the main source of income for the hall. He contacted the RAD Village Halls and Community Buildings Adviser who advised him about the halls responsibilities and helped him get the hall properly licensed.

Getting to work

Donald’s other son Dave is married to Dee and they have three children. Daisy is seventeen and is an apprentice hair and beauty therapist, she was struggling to get to her college and work placement until she joined RAD's Wheels to Work project and got a moped. Now she uses the moped to keep in touch with friends and visit her grandad as well as get to work and college.

Money Management

Daniel is 15 and recently attended the national citizenship course at Derby college, part of that course was a session about money management delivered by FAAD. This course opened his eyes to the fact that the level of income he is likely to achieve after leaving school means it will be difficult to make ends meet if he wants to move into a flat. He became quite desponent as a result and caused his Mother, Dee, to be very worried about him.

Dave and Dee recently had a new baby called Dakota – this put an unexpected pressure on their family finances and Daniel’s advice about budgeting came in very useful.

Suicide Awareness Training

Dee undertook some suicide awareness training delivered by RAD in order to be better informed to help Daniel. She has become a big advocate of the suicide awareness training and is trying to persuade the local school where she is a governor that they should take part in the RAD pilot self harm and suicide awareness training aimed at parents, teacher and pupils.

Neighbourhood Development Planning

Dave and Dee are both concerned that Doveholes has very little to offer young people and they are worried that quarrying nearby is destroying ancient Neolithic sites. A group of people got together to develop a neighbourhood development plan and Dave got involved and contacted RAD for help with the process.

Where would the Derbyshires be without RAD?

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