Broadcast on the 1st March 2020, presenter Tom Heap visits Somerset and Dorset to highlight the issue of rural food poverty and the communities who are working together to find solutions.

Food poverty is not an urban phenomenon. Despite many rural areas being farmed for food production, some residents are finding themselves in 'Food Deserts' with poor access to fresh, healthy, affordable food. In fact, the local authorities in Somerset and Dorset are aware of a number of families at risk of not being able to afford to eat and have asked local food banks to assist with food deliveries.

Key issues facing rural communities include a lack of shops in small villages and more isolated areas, as well as poor transport links to the bigger towns and supermarkets.  Those on low incomes and benefits face additional challenges when it comes to buying good quality, affordable food for themselves and their families.

Local communities are working hard to find solutions to food poverty in rural areas. Food banks are supporting vulnerable families, with Community Fridges helping provide fresh, perishable items. In Bath, a community group is buying fresh produce wholesale from a local farm and creating their own affordable veg boxes to sell.  Community cafes and social eating projects are also bringing people together to share healthy affordable food.

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