Platform Housing is committed to helping its  digitally excluded residents to 'get online' and gain the skills and confidence needed to navigate the digital world safely.

Tim Marsh is Platform's Digital Transformation Officer, and he explained to Digital Support Derbyshire a little bit about the work Platform is doing to support the general wellbeing of its residents, and enable them to access devices and digital inclusion support.

The Wellbeing Fund

The Wellbeing Fund open to all Platform customer who are experiencing financial hardship and need short-term support. The Fund can help cover essential food and energy costs, especially if a customer is waiting for their first benefit payment. It can also help buy an essential household item - white goods etc. Tim works with the Wellbeing Fund on the digital side of things, getting customers free laptops and tablets. For more information, visit the Platform Website. If you are aware of a Platform Housing resident accessing your project who might need support, consider referring them into the Wellbeing Fund. 

Platform Wellbeing Fund

Tenancies Team

Platform also have a Successful Tenancies Team who work with customers to achieve positive results that will help customers sustain their tenancies - including running a full benefit check to see if income can be increased. If any of your digital clients are Platform residents, and you are aware that they are having difficulties, this is a useful service to signpost them to.

Money Advice & Job Support

Platform also has a digital inclusion page on its website that is currently being updated. It was previously coordinated by their volunteer Digital Champions on an external site, but they have recently decided to bring it 'in house'. 


Funding for Partners

A Platform partner could be a charity, club or other not-for-profit organisation, or even a Platform customer. Any of these can apply to Platform's Community Chest for funding to support a community project that benefits Platform Housing residents. The project doesn't have to be 'exclusively' for Platform residents, but the higher the percentage of Platform customers attending, the more likely a bid is to succeed. The bid could be to support an existing project, or a new project. For more information about the fund and its criteria, click on the link below.

Community Chest Fund

If you would like to contact Tim to find out more about where Platform Housing has properties in your area, please email using the address below:

[email protected]

Published 9th August 2023