New digital MOT launched to help residents stay safe online

They can take a new Digital MOT – a questionnaire designed to help them find out how safe they are online and identify any actions they can take to protect themselves.

By answering a few simple questions about their online habits, people can find out the most important steps they can take to avoid falling victim to cyber-scammers.

The Digital MOT is available with 2 different sets of questions – depending on resident's ages.

Derbyshire County Council's Cabinet Member for Health and Communities Councillor Carol Hart said:“Anyone who's fallen victim to cybercrime knows the wide-reaching consequences – it not only breaks trust and confidence but can also plunge people into serious financial trouble.

“The new Digital MOT will simply and clearly point out where people might be going wrong when they're online and gives really helpful tips on how they can improve.

“It doesn't take too long to complete and really gives you peace of mind.

"And with Black Friday and Cyber Monday approaching there's never been a better time to make sure you are safe online."

Cybercrime is any crime that involves a computer, the internet or related technology and now accounts for one third of all crime recorded in the UK and victims lost more than £40million in the last year.

Fighting cybercrime is one of the key priorities for DCC and theyhave been working closely with Derbyshire Police and other partners to tackle the growing issue and raise awareness of simple steps people can take to stay safe.

Residents can find out more about DCC's work to tackle cybercrime.