Free business coaching and mentoring for members of Derbyshire Dales CVS

Derbyshire Dales CVS has recently been approached by an experienced business consultant, Jaime Beckett, who is offering to provide some of the DDCVS members with business coaching and mentoring to support them in clarifying their business aspirations, goals and problem solving. Jaime is offering to provide coaching and support to the sector at no cost to your organisation. He is able to offer this for an initial period of time up until March 2018.

Jaime is an experienced business consultant and coach who has worked with staff in front line and senior executive roles, predominantly in public sector services. He is based in Bakewell and is working with local organisations to support them in reaching their goals. Having provided business coaching to senior executives and managers for a number of years, Jaime has formalized this by undertaking an Institute of Learning & Management (ILM) Diploma course in Executive Mentoring and Coaching. Coaching is not counseling, therapy or advice. It is working with individuals and groups to explore how they can use their skills, abilities and knowledge to achieve their desired goals and objectives, both in work and life. For more information, please read the article ‘Why bother with coaching?’

Organisations and individuals who invest in their people typically see benefits from gaining clarity about what they are doing and why they are doing it and a better sense of purpose and method in their lives. For organisations this can reduce turnover, release time for value added work and improve customer satisfaction. For individuals it supports their learning and development, engenders a sense of value in their work and helps improve work/life balance. Please contact Jaime directly by email on [email protected] or ring on 07742 611 896.