Last week was National Trustees Week, a period to recognise and appreciate not only the work of trustees who work in charities across the country but also the charities, community, and causes they are dedicated to. celebrated the individual talent, viewpoints, and experiences that each trustee brings to their respective board, and how their collective decision-making creates such a vast impact on the projects they represent. They also highlighted the vital importance of diversity within boards of trustees that creates a wealth of guidance and support for these people that charities can not only draw upon butt use to thrive. 

But, what exactly is a Trustee? 

They can come from a vast array of social, cultural, and economic backgrounds, from numerous industries and careers. They bring with them all of the knowledge and experience that they have acquired and use it to run and operate a charity. They have overall control of the organization and are responsible for ensuring that achieves it its ethical goals and objectives. 

Trustees have a variety of titles, such as directors, board members, governors, or committee members, and are entrusted to lead the charity and decide how it is run. The decisions that are made affect the lives of real people and will make a direct impact not only on the cause or community that the charity has been set up to help, but the whole of society too. 

As Rural Action Derbyshire nears its 100-year anniversary, it is looking to entrust its aim, objectives, and ethos to 2 new Trustees. Our charity is dedicated to the idea that no one should live in poverty because they live in a rural area, and to improve the quality of life for Derbyshire residents, by empowering people in rural communities to take action to address disadvantage, become more sustainable, and increase local control. 

If you are interested in becoming a Trustee or would like to find out more about the roles, then follow this link.