The Rural Women Celebration 2024

On Monday, March 11th 2024, the Rural Women Celebration, hosted by Rural Action Derbyshire and The Willow Project, illuminated the spirit of International Women's Day with a celebration of the remarkable contributions of women in rural communities.

This gathering, held in Derbyshire, witnessed an impressive turnout of inspiring women from various sectors, underscoring their pivotal roles in shaping rural landscapes and industries.

The celebration served as a platform to honour the invaluable work carried out by women across Derbyshire, showcasing their resilience, creativity, and dedication. Among the esteemed attendees were notable figures such as High Sheriff Peltier, whose presence highlighted the significance of recognising women's achievements within the community.

Additionally, Lord Lieutenant Elizabeth Fothergill CBE and Police and Crime Commissioner Angelique Foster graced the event, underscoring the importance of female leadership in driving positive change.

A poignant moment of the conference was bidding farewell to Emily Brailsford, who has been instrumental in The Willow Project's endeavors. As she embarks on a new chapter in her journey with Mothers Union, her legacy of empowering rural women will undoubtedly continue to inspire and uplift communities.

Throughout the event, discussions centered on amplifying the voices of rural women, addressing the unique challenges they face, and fostering opportunities for their advancement. From agricultural endeavors to entrepreneurial ventures, the diverse contributions of women in rural industries were celebrated and recognized as vital pillars of community resilience and progress.

The Rural Women Celebration underscored the significance of International Women's Day as more than just a date on the calendar but as a rallying call for gender equality and empowerment. By shining a spotlight on the achievements of rural women, the event reinforced the importance of inclusivity and solidarity in creating a more equitable and prosperous society for all.

As the celebration concluded, its impact reverberated beyond the venue, inspiring attendees to continue championing the rights and aspirations of women in rural communities. With determination and solidarity, these women will undoubtedly forge a brighter and more inclusive future for generations to come.