The Wheels are Rolling in Nottinghamshire

People living in Derbyshire and parts of Nottinghamshire can find it hard to travel to places of work, training or education. Reliable bus services are few and far between and generally impossible for people that do shift work. Jobs are out there, but quite often just not in easy reach. Our Wheels to Work & Wellbeing project provides mopeds to help these people get around.

The first person in Nottinghamshire to join the scheme is Robert Clark from Huthwaite. Once his completed application had been approved, Wheels to Work & Wellbeing put him through his CBT and then a moped was allocated. This was delivered to the test centre in time for his CBT Plus, when he also received a helmet and high-vis equipment. He passed his CBT Plus on Thursday 14th March and now has use of the moped for the next 6 months.

Robert said, “It’s been taking me nearly an hour to walk to work and back. I’m on nights at the moment, 12am to 8am, so it will make such a difference to have the moped. It’ll help me in other ways too, being able to get around, not just for work. I’m delighted to be the first Nottinghamshire person on the scheme and to help spread the word to others in a similar situation to me.”

Laura Mitchell, Project Manager for Wheels to Work & Wellbeing said, “The growth of business parks along the M1 corridor is increasing the opportunity for people across Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire to get work. However, many of the jobs are shift based and bus routes, particularly from more rural areas, are limited. Being able to get people a moped so they have a reliable and flexible commute to work means jobs are more accessible.

“It’s not just for people in work though. If someone is in education or training but finding it difficult to get there, they may be able to get help too.”

The process is simple; complete an application form and provide proof of work, education or training and hold a Provisional Driving Licence. Once the application has been approved, someone from the project team will provide support to get through the rest of the process.

Currently there are about 75 mopeds out and about across Derbyshire and now into Nottinghamshire too and 6 people going through the application process, which usually takes about 4 weeks. There is a weekly charge of £30pw which goes towards the cost of the bike tax, insurance, breakdown cover, servicing, maintenance, helmet and high-vis.  

If you would like more information or you would like to apply, contact the team on 01629 592976, or email [email protected] or visit their website or check out their page on our website here.