Across the country social housing tenants are finding that they are moving into properties only to find that they have no carpets.

Social Landlords are removing carpets between tenancies and attributing it to hygiene, however these carpets aren’t always replaced very quickly, if at all.

According to current laws, landlords in the UK are only required to install flooring in kitchens and bathrooms, yet campaign group End Furniture Poverty are lobbying for this law to extend to the rest of the house.

A recent survey suggests that that 1.2 million people across the country do not have floor coverings in common areas or bedrooms. This is making it even more difficult to heat their homes efficiently, especially given the recent rise in energy bills.

Rural Action Derbyshire regularly received a high number of requests for our Rural Hardship Fund to help people buy carpets in order to makes their homes warm and comfortable places to live. The fund is set for those suffering financial hardship who are in need of critical expenses such as the purchase or repair of essential household appliances or furniture.

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For information on our Rural Hardship Fund: Rural Hardship Funds | Rural Action Derbyshire