A story of a film, sore feet and food banks

As the Wirksworth Free Film Festival approaches on Saturday, 13th January, film creatives, film students and local film enthusiasts are getting ready for 3 hours of back to back films, all created locally. 

Our documentary, The Walk captures the essence of the three PE teachers ambitious plan to walk 50 miles in one day to raise money for food banks.

The film attempts to capture the essence of human spirit, community, and the power of selfless endeavours. As well as determination, positivity, team work and dedication you will witness the trials of the inevitable challenging weather conditions. And pain. A sense of humour was essential!

The film follows the incredible journey of these individuals who set out at 9 o'clock one dark night from Edale on an epic adventure, trekking across the varied landscapes and towns of Derbyshire to their final destination of Doveridge. Do they all make it to the end? You'll have to watch to find out!

The protagonists of this real-life adventure are Chris, Niall and Aidan – three ordinary individuals with extraordinary hearts. Motivated by a shared desire to make a meaningful impact on their community, they embarked on a physically demanding expedition, covering diverse terrains and facing unpredictable weather conditions. And cows!

On their route they visited the rural schools they work with and dropped in to Jigsaw Food Bank to see first hand why they are such an essential part of life for so many during these difficult times.

What makes their journey truly exceptional is the purpose that propels them forward: raising funds for local food banks.

Derbyshire, like many regions, has not been immune to the challenges brought about by economic uncertainties and the global pandemic. Food banks have become a lifeline for many families facing food insecurity

The film weaves together their story and informative interviews, allowing you to connect with these guys on a personal level.

Chris, Niall, and Aidan work for Rural Derbyshire Schools Sports Partnership and are based at Anthony Gell in Wirksworth. They share their motivations, fears, and the profound sense of fulfilment that comes from contributing to a cause larger than themselves.

You will witness the camaraderie that develops among the team, as well as the generosity and support they receive from people along the way.

Attendees and those unable to make it to the screening are invited to contribute to the cause by donating to the food banks in Derbyshire. You can do this by dropping food off at local collection points or making a donation via our website to help us with our work across rural Derbyshire, supporting the many affordable food projects.

The Walk is not just a film; it's a call to action for those who wish to join the cause and contribute to the food banks in Derbyshire.


Together, let us make a difference, one step at a time.

The Walk has so far raised over £1000 for Food Banks.