World Suicide Prevention Day 

Across Derbyshire we continually work hard to raise awareness about mental health and suicide prevention by working together. Suicide is something that affects many people and can have a devastating impact.

By raising awareness with people we come into contact with such as family, friends, customers, clients or patients we have the opportunity to make a difference. Organisations and settings such as workplaces, pubs, café’s, shops, community centres, medical settings, schools, sports clubs and many others can play a key role. 

Each year the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) marks 10th of September as World Suicide Prevention Day. This is an opportunity for communities to come together to raise awareness of suicide prevention, tackle the stigma that prevents people from seeking help when in distress, and support and signpost people in need to sources of support.

More information is here

What can you and your organisation do?

Sign up to become a member of the National Suicide Prevention Alliance (NSPA)

Currently, only 5 organisations in Derbyshire are signed-up (RAD is a member).  All you have to do is to commit to developing an action plan on suicide prevention. 

There are some simple actions you can take – training staff, having awareness resources on display, having a mental health policy

Local support to do this and to deliver actions is available by contacting [email protected]

The suicide prevention strategy for Derbyshire can be found here

Training on mental health and suicide prevention in Derbyshire can be found here:

National Suicide Prevention Alliance World Suicide Prevention Day 2019