So much to celebrate during #VillageHallsWeek

Here in Derbyshire we have been busy organising some networking events for village halls this week. In addition to all the work that entails, there has been so much more going on this week as well as every week in village halls around the county (and beyond).

Thanks must to go our very own Helena Stubbs (Village Halls Adviser) who has not only worked hard to put the events together, but also made the sandwiches and roped in her sister-in-law to help with the refreshments at the Dalbury Lees event. Joy Gell, Booking Secretary at Dalbury Lees VH kindly made the cake and Tesco at Mickleover kindly donated some of the refreshments – both very much appreciated and enjoyed by attendees.

The Civic Chairmen of Derbyshire Dales and South Derbyshire attended the events in their district, so thanks to them both for attending and engaging with the groups.

Cllr Steve Flitter of Derbyshire Dales, presenting awards at the Baslow event.

Cllr Michael Stanton and his consort (and wife) Heather, cutting the cake at the Dalbury Lees event.

Thanks to everyone that came and especially those that helped with refreshments by bringing cakes etc or helping with the setting up, serving and tidying up of the numerous cups of tea and coffee, sandwiches and crisps, cakes and biscuits.


On the agenda was that new 4-letter word, GDPR. A big change is on the way (25th May 2018) and any organisation or group that uses personal information for the purpose of business will need to be aware of the implications. ACRE will soon be publishing an updated Date Protection Information Sheet which should help give community buildings an excellent guide to this new legislation.

One of the other most valuable aspects of the events was for the halls to work together in groups to discuss the key issues they face keep their halls running effectively and sustainably. Like many other rural services and businesses, some community buildings are struggling to keep going. With the loss of banks, post offices, pubs and shops, community buildings are becoming one of the few community spaces left in the more rural and isolated areas. We must continue to work hard to support this valuable resource.

If you would like more information on how RAD can help support your village hall, please go to the Village Halls section of the website.