A day in South Derbyshire

A successful day was spent in South Derbyshire celebrating the wonderful world of village and community halls.

Derbyshire Police & Crime Commissioner was also celebrating visiting his 300th community on his #D383 campaign to visit all of Derbyshire. 

Barrow-on-Trent and a popular playgroup was the first port of call.  The village hall plays regular host to this busy playgroup and the children were very exciting to see police officers and support staff visiting.  

In the afternoon we moved on to Dethick Hall in Hartshorne. We were joined again by the Police & Crime Commissioner as well as Heather Wheeler MP, South Derbyshire CVS, South Derbyshire & Derby City Citizens Advice and Foundation Derbyshire. 

Dethick Hall may be small, but judging by the notice board it has a wonderful and full range of activities and events for the people of Hartshorne to enjoy.  Who's up for belly-dancing classes?!