How smart is your oil tank gauge?

Smart meters from olive, our oil buying scheme partners, provide very accurate information on the amount of oil you are using, how many litres you have left and how long that will last you. It can also be set up to order oil automatically to make sure you never run out.

olive uses the latest smart meter and internet technology to understand you home's heating oil use and deliver your smart heating oil solution.

Your olive Hub easily links to most consumer internet routers and connects with your olive Sensor to monitor your heating oil tank levels. Once set-up your olive Hub then sends your oil usage information over the internet to their secure servers in the cloud for you to login and view your oil usage through your pc, tablet or mobile device.

olive lets you monitor your oil use from day one - helping ensure you never run out, save money and providing you with the information to truly understand your home's oil usage and energy efficiency.

By logging on to your RAD olive account you can:

  • track your oil usage - over time, in litres and in £'s
  • monitor the impact of lifestyle changes and weather on your heating oil costs
  • remain alert - olive can notify you when you tank levels are getting low or change significantly
  • set up automatic ordering giving you complete peace of mind

Find OFTEC accredited technicians.

OFTEC is a useful resource when looking for an accredited heating engineer in your area. There is a postcode search option which will then give you a list of engineers in your area.
To go to their website, click here.