Agricultural Chaplaincy Updates

Twice a year our Agricultural Chaplain writes to farmers. Here you can find copies of the letters and other ways of to keep in touch. Read more

Agricultural Chaplaincy Welfare Fund

Small emergency grants of up £200 to the agricultural community in Derbyshire. Read more

Farming and Mental Health

Poor mental health is emerging as one of the biggest, yet unspoken challenges in the farming industry. View this frank BBC video to see its impact. Read more

Agricultural Chaplain Service

Support for the farming community. What we do, and why it's so important. Confidential helpline: 07710 088 972 Read more

Farmers Social Groups

An opportunity to meet up with other members of the farming community in Boylestone. Read more

Chaplain to Young Farmers

The chaplaincy for young farmers helps the younger generation in the farming community through difficult situations, whatever they might be. Read more

Meet the Team

A dedicated team of staff and volunteers are on hand to support the farming community across Derbyshire. Read more

Research & Publications

Find out about the research and a list of publications for the Agricultural Chaplaincy Project. Read more