Who is the RAD Village Hall & Community Building Advisor?

Rona Rawson is RAD's Rural Community Development Officer, joining in May 2023, taking over the reins from Helena Stubbs. Her role has a strong focus on community buildings advice. Rona has experience leading small charitable organisations and she has access to a number of networks including ACRE (Action with Communities in Rural England). ACRE has a network throughout England working with village and community halls to engage with each other, access information and share insight, knowledge and expertise.

What's the best way to request advice?

Rona works part-time, usually on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. She works from home as well as in the Matlock office and is occasionally out and about visiting halls around the county. If you have a query, the best way to make contact is via email using the link below or copy and paste this link: [email protected]. If you do need to call, her number is 07708 872398.

Email Rona

How to access Affiliate only content on the RAD website

You will need to be logged in to the RAD website before you can view the Affiliate only content. You will probably need to do this each time you want to access the Affiliate only content.

Login by clicking the Login button on the top right of any of the RAD website pages. If you are not able to login, you will need to Register.

Access to the Affiliate only content of the website can be set up once we have received and processed the £30 annual payment. Rona will then ensure the name and email address used on the Affiliation application will be given the appropriate permissions.

Please allow 3 working days for permissions to be applied. If you are having problems accessing the content, please contact Rona.

How to Register on the RAD website

Before the permissions can be applied to your email account for access to the Affiliation only content, you must first be Registered on the our website.

  • To Register, click on the Login button at the top of any RAD website page then click on the REGISTER link and enter put your email address (make sure it is the same as the email address used on the Affiliation Application form).
  • You may receive an email to say you are already registered (if you have booked any training or events with us previously, filled in a form, made a donation or used the 'Contact Us' button via our website). In this case return to login page and enter email and password.
  • If you have forgotten your password, just click the Forgot Password link and you will receive an email with a new, temporary password. 
  • To complete registration, once the email has been entered click the NEXT button.
  • You will then receive an email asking you to set a password.
  • Once you have completed this step, allow 3 working days for Rona to apply the permissions for Affiliate only content.

Can other staff or volunteers get permission to view the Affiliate only content?

Yes! Staff, volunteers and/trustees from a hall that has signed up as an Affiliate can access the affiliate only content. However, you first need to email Rona with the name of the hall, Affiliate number and the name and email address of the individuals.

You will first need to ensure that each person is REGISTERED on the RAD website otherwise they will not be able to be added. 

If you have any queries or problems about any of the above, or any other issue, please email Rona.

Thank you.