How to get value for money

If you are off the main gas grid you are already at a disadvantage when it comes to getting value for money. If you have electricity and gas you can sign up for a 'dual fuel' deal from your energy supplier which gives you access to the best tariffs for both fuels. 

Living off the mains gas network means electricity is the only energy option. Therefore, even if the household is signed up for the cheapest deal available, it is still a worse deal than someone with a dual fuel option. 

Additional energy options such as oil and LPG do not currently link to electricity suppliers so cannot be included in a dual fuel deal.

Heating Oil

Rural Action Derbyshire (RAD) runs a community oil buying scheme to utilise the benefits of bulk buying to keep oil prices low. To find out more about our scheme, please click here.


RAD, working with Swift Energy Consultants Ltd, also has an LPG scheme providing access to bulk LPG supply as well as cylinders. To find out more about the scheme, please click here